UpdatesTout Reassures Support to the Honduran People After Hurricane Eta

Tout Reassures Support to the Honduran People After Hurricane Eta

Honduras is currently undergoing through the same situation as in 1998, when a hurricane — at that time Hurricane Mitch — was passing through the country and destroying a large part of the country’s infrastructure. At that time, politics were less polarized, the government went out of its way to support its people, and we rebuilt a strong country — even though the rebuilding process was still in progress. Now, with a new hurricane, in the middle of a pandemic, and with an inept president, we are forced to protest and side with our fellow Hondurans and friends. It is time for us to look at Honduras with eyes of love and hope. Together we can create a better country.

Our promise has always been to provide opportunities that can enrich the Honduran culture and economy. It has been and will always be our mission. Therefore, we make ourselves available to our fellow Hondurans. If you need anything, send us a direct message and we will be serving you.

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