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Four Stages Of Achieving A Goal

I am going to outline four stages that were taught to me by my mentor over 18 months ago. As I was going through my old notebook and reading through, it occurred to me that, things never change, information is important regardless of the time you are living in. Sometimes this information is more helpful in another time.

1. Get Fired Up

Understand where you want to be in a certain period of time, and be like a hungry animal who strives for more every single day. Are you someone who is sticking to the 45-year plan designed by society? Or, are you someone who is willing to think outside of the box and attack the goals on a daily basis? The choice is yours. If you don’t feel the fire in your heart every day you wake up, then there must be something wrong about your goals, and certainly about your direction. Make adjustments to it. Make your goals give you that motivation each and every day.

2. Learn

No one in the world was born knowing everything, everyone learns from each other. Do not be afraid of learning from others. I want you to understand the importance of progressive learning. Copy and paste things and information from the best at the field you are currently working on. Regardless of my degrees and my education, anything I’ve done thus far is learning. Be humble, if you humble yourself you might learn more than just the basics.

3. Apply

What is the point of learning anything if you are not willing to apply it? Ensure that everything you’ve learned, that you are applying it. Make changes to everything, start from your routine. It takes 21 days to create a habit, that’s three weeks in a row that you are able to create a change in the way you do things, but do not go back to the way you were doing things before, that will only make you recover bad habits you were running away from.

4. Commit

Nothing I’ve mentioned in this article will work unless you are committed, unless you believe you can make it. None of the above will work without the other. There are only two things about commitment, you are either in or you are out. There is not such thing as life in between. I still do not understand how people tell me they can make it far in life and make over six figures and they outline this big dreams for their lives. But when it comes to execution, they bail out and are no longer interested in achieving anything. Commitment is the key to a successful industry.

“Like a lion, hungry, with fire in your soul, set free from what cages you” —Mark Hamilton

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