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Six Lessons From My Mentor

I know this edition will not be as the previous ones where I talk more about how to get to success or how to improve in your daily routines to get to a consistent lifestyle. Now, I was sitting on the bed of a guest room in the house of my mentor in Austin, TX, and it made me realize how attainable goals can be, we can go from having nothing to having everything we wished for if we just worked hard. I was picking my mentor’s brain to see what he did to accomplish almost every single thing he mentioned to me 18 months ago. This is what he told me:

Work Hard

Be the person who outworks everyone, regardless of what you do. Always strive to be the first person in and the last person out. Yes, It might get you tired when you first start off but your stamina will improve as you set that as a routine. People want to have a million dollar dream with a $10 effort. If your goal is to get what people don’t have, then be aware that you’ll be doing what everyone is afraid of doing.

Have a Great Attitude

Can you be the most exuberant person there is in the room? Can you turn a bad situation into the best? Are you afraid of rejection? These are the things you should be asking yourself every single day. Having a great attitude does not mean covering a crappy day with a smile. What it really means is, leaving every single problem and situation at the threshold of your house when leaving to work and not letting that affect you for the rest of the day. How can you be trusted with a better opportunity if you can’t even handle your own personal life and thoughts?

Challenge Yourself

Everyday should be a challenge for you to accomplish. Everyday you should do something that will test your abilities and ways to handle situations, whether is because you can’t do it, or because it is difficult to accomplish it. But if you don’t challenge yourself everyday, then you will get bored and lose interest in the things that really matter. You can be successful in any industry —In some more than others—as long as you put your mind to it and challenge yourself everyday.

Set a Higher Standard

Do not be afraid of losing things and connections and relationships that will lower your standard. This one can be tricky and for some, you might be thinking that I really don’t care about anyone. It is not that I don’t care, it is just that you should be aware of the people you surround yourself with. Your standards determine what type of followers you have. Independently whether you want followers or not, you will get people to listen to you, and if your goal is to inspire people to be better, then you ought to be better. Every area of improvement should improve into such high standard that your bottom 10% should be another person’s top 10%.

Be Replaceable

This is the hardest one for me to learn —and I’m still working on this—because you need to be able to be replaceable, when in fact we have been taught in school that it is better for us to become indispensable or irreplaceable. The logic in this is the following, if you are replaceable, or you teach yourself to be replaceable, it is easier for you to move up into a better position. Think about it. Some play not to lose, some play to win. Which one are you? If you play not lose, then you will be the most selfish person on the planet. If you play to win, then risk will be taken, but the reward will be higher.

Always Remain Focused

Above everything, you should remain with a clear mindset of what you really want in life, whether you are doing something for experience, for growth, for money or simply recognition, your aim should always be the same, I want to succeed at this because of my vision and because if I do that this is what I will accomplish. Don’t do something and be bad at it, do something because you have a purpose, remain loyal to that purpose and you will see how things get better.

I asked my mentor, did you ever picture yourself getting all of this? Doing all these things? Did you ever thought five years ago that you will get this far? Drive your Corvette Stingray™, or live in this $1.7m house, or travel everywhere you want whenever you want? And all he said was:

“I never pictured myself doing all of this, I never even pictured myself in the US to be honest, all I picture myself doing was earning enough money for me to buy beer on the weekends and have a season ticket for the Rangers of Scotland, but life takes you far beyond if you work harder everyday”. —T. Smith

CEO with verifiable year-after-year success achieving revenue, profit, and business growth objectives within start-up, turnaround, and rapid-change environments. Extensive experience with highly technological systems, which require deep understanding of critical business drivers in multiple markets and industries; highly successful in building relationships with upper-level decision makers, seizing control of critical problem areas, and delivering on customer commitments. Customer- focused and performance-driven.

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