From the CEOSigns To Recognize Persistence

Signs To Recognize Persistence

Persistence is one of the most important qualities to have in the entrepreneurial mindset. One’s ability to do things nonstop allows us to get to where we want to be regardless of the obstacles.


If you know what you want, you will be persistent enough to do it. Because of this, we overcome any issues or negatives. Understanding why you are doing something can take you far beyond where you want to be, but not understanding any of these, will make you become complacent, hence failing.


Napoleon Hill once said: “Desire is the starting point of all achievement, not a hope, not a wish, but a keen pulsating desire which transcends everything.” When someone strives to do what others call the impossible, desire fuels this passion. Hope and wish are words we use to give the benefit of the doubt, which can create an excuse the moment we did not achieve it. When we desire something, we need to have persistence, otherwise that remains a dream.


Habits create a repetitive routine, which can enable someone to get to where they want to be promptly by doing the repetitive. However, if not done properly, Habits can destroy one’s ability to succeed. We have seen people fail because of the wrong habits they have put themselves into. Habits create persistence, a persistent person can accomplish anything they want.


It does not matter if a person has desire or understand his/her purpose, what matters is what their mind believes is correct and their will power to do it. The definition of will-power is simple: control exerted to do something or restrain impulses. Our willpower controls everything we do, we can become lazy because of lack of willpower, or we can become strong because of the overflow of it. Whatever we accomplish, will be determined by our ability to control our willpower.


What is autonomy? How does it have to do with persistence? It is very simple, Autonomy is having freedom from external control or influence. When a person is persistent, nothing around them will affect their vision, Persistence then, becomes their only focus. This becomes their anti-negative suit, where they can protect themselves from anything and anyone that can sidetrack them from their end goal.


My mentor once told me: “Growth only starts when you have a plan.” Organization is key when we are planning, however, execution plays a big part in it as well, someone extremely organized is nothing if he/she doesn’t know how to execute a plan, someone who’s driven enough can’t do anything productive if he/she isn’t organized or has a plan. Persistence then, becomes the key, because both of these personalities can accomplish more by doing this.


Knowing everything you need to do enables you to be persistent. Not knowing the direction you are headed will not help you push towards anything. The difference between who you are and who you want to be is what you know and what you do with that knowledge.


We call cooperation the process of working together to the same end. Having the understanding of teamwork when we work on our persistence, will play a big role in our results. Teamwork will always help you accomplish more, especially if all parties involved are aiming towards the same goal with the same ambition and the same drive.

“A little more persistence, a little more effort, and what seemed hopeless failure may turn to glorious success.” —Elbert Hubbard

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