From the CEO10 steps to achieve your goals

10 steps to achieve your goals

When business strategies are failing and we realize that everything around might not seem like it should, or we see that our perspective isn’t quite where it should be, often times we emphasize on the negative, rather than what we learned from it. If we strive to be successful, we should stick to this and work towards our destiny. I outlined ten things we ought to do if we strive to become better at what we do and achiever our goals:

1. Desire

Everything we do is motivated by what we want, we are driven by what we long for to accomplish, our dreams, goals, aspirations, but all of that is powered by our desire to accomplish them. Plato stated once: “Human behavior flows from three main sources: desire, emotion, and knowledge”. If we as humans don’t have a desire to succeed, more than likely we will never succeed. Starts with a “want” in order for us to get to the “have”. Don’t be afraid of dream big and desire big.

2. Faith

Believe you can achieve things. If you think you can or cannot, you are right. Faith is the power of having thing we hope for, but also the things we fight for. For as much are we think we are driven and self motivated, if we don’t have hope and faith that things will happen, they will never happen. When the dark times approach, we will fall because we didn’t have the essence of success: Faith.

3. Persistence

Have you ever heard the term “Persistence is the key to Consistency”? If you have been in school or any time of business-related education, you will understand why that phrase is so important. When I was undergoing my studies at the National University of Honduras, my Economics Professor once told me: “It does not matter how smart you are, if persistence isn’t there, you are just like any other failure in this world”. It is just like that parable we hear often times, Success is just like the water going through the rock, it isn’t its strength or versatility, but its ability to be persistent that allows it to go through the rock.

4. Reassurance

Why is it that only when things are rough we remember why we started things? Why don’t we remind ourselves of such things during the bright times? It is common in our society to inspire others based on our dreams and experiences, but how can we inspire ourselves to push towards our goals? It is simple, it starts with us reminding why we started at that new job, or why are we doing such thing. If that job/task has a purpose that will help you either grow as a person or give you experiences, or better yet, drive you to success, remind yourself of that, and I guarantee you, you will enjoy doing what you do more than ever, even when things are going rough.

5. Self-growth

No one has the power to know everything in the world, we get better as we learn, either from personal experiences or observing other people making mistakes (or even ourselves). How many books have we read or how many articles of self-growth are we sharing and reading to motivate others to get better? How many hours are you spending in front of the computer doing research to improve yourself or your business? At the end of the day that’s what this is all about, our own growth, that is what makes us valuable in front of others.

6. Imagination

90% of companies hire CEO’s that can be creative and can see things an average person cannot. They also are able to solve any type of problem that come across their way. It requires a lot of imagination to make a company better, it requires a lot of creativity to make a business unique. See the things you want and work towards making it unique. That’s what separates companies like Apple from other companies. Their unique ways and methods to do things, the way they revolutionize technology and society.

7. Organized Planning

9/10 times a battle was won, was because the planning was properly done. Everything we do in whatever field we work at it is determined by how meticulously we plan things and how strictly we execute that plan. Creating an action plan for our day, our week, our month, our quarter and our year is as important as the revenue we will receive. I’m a strong believer of goals, what you set as a result it is determined by the actions you set and the accountability you create to achieve such goals.

8. Eliminating Procrastination

We all have a choice, to either spend 2 hours in facebook scrolling down your feed and do nothing else, or spend 1 hour and 45 minutes reading a book that will help us progress. The problem with society nowadays is our ability in decision taking, we apply all of our energy in things that aren’t as productive. Quite frankly, that’s a problem is struggle with every single day, because of complacency, because it is easier for me to sit in front of my computer or phone and scroll down any social media there is, or play a game instead of spending my time in finding ways to improve my business or designing a better business plan that will help my company grow. That’s the main reason why I decided to write an article weekly, that’s why I decided to read a book per week, that why I don’t go to bed every night without reviewing my plan for the next day. And that has been ongoing for the past 15 days. Procrastination is a cancer that will consume your life quietly and without you realizing it.

9. Power of Mastermind

Psychology teaches us that our brain stores information in a very interesting fashion. When we see things and hear things and do things, all of those thoughts are stored in our brain and they remain there for as long as we want them to be (or even if we don’t). Your thoughts are your results. If you drill down in your head that this idea will succeed, then work hard to show it. If you work in sales and you think that you can only close but so many people, then that’s the limit you’ve already set for yourself. You can limit yourself to how much you can do or how many things you can accomplish. Knowledge is power, and thoughts are the gas that runs it.

10. Overcoming fears

One of the main things I struggle on a day-to-day basis is the phobia to the unknown. Being afraid of tomorrow, of failing, of things not going to way I want them to go. What if I fail at this? What if I don’t become what I want to be? What if I do this and it doesn’t take me anywhere? Well, you got to be able to fail if you want to succeed. What’s the worst that can happen? You fail. What happens if you fail? You learned how to not fail again. Remember “A quitter never wins, a winner never quits” .

“”Do not be afraid of failing, be afraid of not rising up and succeed. People fail daily, but only a few know how to fall, rebuild from scratch and become stronger”” ——Mario Moradel Maradiaga

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