From the CEO5 Things To Consider When Driving Through Life

5 Things To Consider When Driving Through Life

Living in Salt Lake City, UT for the past few months have made me appreciate how beautiful it is to see the snow fall, how great it is to play with it, but also, it makes me realize how much it sucks to drive through it, it sucks to wake up, see snow on the ground and know that you have to go from point A to point B in a timescale. In business you experience similar things that makes us become complacent and lazy. Every time I wake up and see the snow on the ground, I lose hope of having a great day because I see that negative already there without knowing that it shouldn’t affect me at all. Everyone is the same at this, especially when it comes to negotiating, or selling, or doing whatever it is that we do in life, we see the negative already, and we lose focus, we exphasize on the negative instead of embracing it and attack it, because, no matter what we do, that negative will remain there until the end of the day (or even longer).

There are five things I do when driving through the snow (same as in life):

1. Remain focused

Everything we do it is determined by what we see and what we let influence us. When we drive through the snow, we got to be able to see through everything that is around us. The moment we move our eyes from the road and focus on something else, is the moment we might spin around and/or crash. In business, we need to remain focused through good times and bad times, not letting anything or anyone take you off your destination. A bad mile does not determine a bad trip, but the way we handle it will definitely do it.

2. Slow down when necessary

I know we love to take things in a rush, we need to get to where we want to be as soon as possible, disregarding our surroundings, but, is it really worthy to get there quicker by risking our lives and the lives of those around us? In business (as in life) it is important to take the decisions and analyze our surroundings before rushing into things, before shifting lanes and loosing control of the wheel. It doesn’t really matter if you get there by going 20 MPH or 65 MPH, As long as you get there safely. What’s the point of us rushing things?. Confucius clearly says it: “It doesn’t matter how slowly you go, as long as you don’t stop”

3. Don’t stop

One important thing to do when driving through the snow is not loosing momentum, if we lose momentum, then it is harder to pick up our pace back again, and chances are, we might get stuck in the snow, spinning our wheels and sink in into the negatives we’ve built. Same in business, The moment we stop and lose that momentum, we become spinning wheels, not going anywhere, stuck and helpless, waiting for someone to help us move forward. Why go through the hassle of waiting for someone, when you can prevent this from happening. The last quarter of 2016 help me understand this better, I became that car, I stopped, I became complacent and lazy, I lost momentum and it is hard to go back at it again, you will lose so much time, you will lose energy trying to go back at it again. I could’ve prevent it from happening if I would’ve keep on pushing harder every time. It is for skilled drivers to understand this rule, it is for fools to stop when they know what the consequences will be.

4. Take Control

When driving, be mindful of the road conditions, every driver around you, every negative you may find, but don’t let that control the car, remember, you are the driver, you are the one who determines where the car should go, if you slid off the road, it becomes your fault, because you don’t know how to handle your car. Same in business, if you don’t have a goal and direction, and a proper plan to execute then you could easily spin off the road and crash. It is even worse when you are driving with others in the car, because not only you are risking your own life and destiny, you are affecting the lives and destinies of those who are taking that drive with you. If you don’t have a clear goal and don’t really know how to take control of your own life, then you shouldn’t be behind the wheel, just like you shouldn’t be leading anyone. You should learn how to drive in the snow by yourself before you decide to take anyone else with you in that car.

5. Be mindful of others

I still remember the words of my cousin when I was learning how to drive in the US. He said to me: “Be mindful of those driving around you, although you may be skilled enough to drive yourself around, you don’t know what other drivers are like, and you should respond quickly to any even that the road may give you”. When I think of this, reminds me of how easy is to fail based on other’s opinions and lifestyles. That’s why it is very important for us to have a clear vision of what we want and redirect ourselves to our goals, even when those around us are failing, even when those around us are trying to take us off the road. We should know what’s around us to separate ourselves from danger, we should keep to necessary distance to react to the negatives and take control of the situations that may come along the way. Don’t let others take your dreams away just because you didn’t have the necessary precautions to handle it.

Photography: Snowy Marion by Esteban Villarreal

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