From the CEO10 Lessons I Learned In 2016

10 Lessons I Learned In 2016

As the New Year approaches, we tend to make plans on what to do next, what plans to accomplish, what dreams should come true, where should we go, what ideas should we present. Often times we forget to show what really matters, actions. There are a few thoughts that will help you achieve more this 2017, without forgetting your New Year’s Resolution:

1. We are slaves of time, just like the rest of the world

We can accomplish as much as we want as long as we put our minds to. Time shouldn’t be an issue to accomplish your goal, you get the same 24 hours that Mary gets, the same 365 days Joe gets. Time shouldn’t be a reason for you to hit your goals.

2. Excuses are the cause of more excuses

The moment we create excuses, is the moment we set ourselves for failure. Don’t justify your wrongs by blaming things. Can you control this? If yes, then it is your fault. Everything in life has a solution, how can you know this without trying?

3. Words don’t mean anything if they aren’t followed by an action

Golden rule on being Successful is: If you want to do it, don’t talk about it, just do it. I learned this particular lesson last September, on what I call the fastest unplanned trip I’ve ever done. I took a last-minute flight to Chicago, to meet with the CEO of a fast-growing Marketing company in the city, all for the purpose of networking and get to know more about his strategy and approach. I had being thinking about visiting him for weeks, but never took action, up until I decided that I needed to do that, for the sake of my business and my team. I did it, and it was, until then, that everything in my business ran a lot better with his tips and ideas.

4. You can only do as much as you believe you can

I will quote one of my favorite Football coaches: “If you do not believe you can do it then you have no chance at all.” —Arsene Wenger. As he says in this quote, we are the captain of this boat, we decide how far we can go, you can go a mile or an inch, it all depends on how much you can believe.

5. No one controls your success

Yes, you, the one in the back, if you think your friends, your boss, your family, your significant other, or anyone can decide how successful you can become, then you really haven’t met someone successful. The key lies on you striving for more in life, no giving up and pushing your bar to the limit.

6. Money isn’t happiness

Have you heard people say “When I get money, then I’ll be happy”, “If I was a billionaire, I would be the happiest person on earth”. All of those are misconceptions, things that we put in our heads to justify our purpose of living. Money isn’t the root of happiness, money is just the channel we utilize to please our needs. Find what makes you happy, set that to be your goal in life, then work hard and get money to do it.

7. Being a Leader isn’t being in control, but being an influence to others

You can only be as powerful as people allow you, You thinking that you can control anyone can’t make you a powerful person, but if you can influence a massive group of people to get where they need to be, they will, indeed, go through the darkness of hell for you. As John C. Maxwell would say, “Leadership is influence”.

8. For tough as things may get, there is always a solution

Think about the hardest situation a manager has ever faced, multiply that by two-hundred. Now, if you can imagine, someone solved that situation and survived. The fact that you are in a bad situation does not mean you are bad at taking decisions, it just means you are improving at making them. During my time in the Bay Area, CA, I spent lots of time in struggle, without a car or means of transportation, but that did not discourage me from achieving my goal and reach the potential I wanted. Here I am, six months after, seeing that as a learning situation, not as a bottomless grave.

9. Mistakes help you grow

Who, in their right mind, won’t learn from falling down. I was reading an article this past week where it says, life is like a pendulum, the harder the failure, the higher the success. We need to learn how to fail to appreciate things in life. Often times we forget how important it is to fail at something to prove that we are humans and that we err. But most importantly, after that failure, how to rise up and learn step-by-step the procedure and right method to move onto important things.

10. A goal without a plan and a deadline is merely a dream

My mentor always told me, “Do you have an idea? Write it down, create a plan, steps, and a deadline, otherwise, it will remain in your head, like a dream.” How many times have you set so-called goals without writing them down. If you can’t see them, how can you create accountability? If you don’t plan it, simplify and systematize what you want to do, how do yo expect to accomplish it? Goals, starts with writing them down, proceed to the planning, and then execute. Not the other way around.

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